Monday, December 8, 2014


Most searched keywords on Google for make your Search Engine Optimization better

Most searched keywords on Google for make your Search Engine Optimization better

Every bloggers knows about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We spend our lots of time for searching top keywords it is very time taking and frustrated work for every blogger. Every time we think what people most search in google  or what is most searched keywords on Google. I research on google and get some most searched keywords on google worldwide. So give place these following words to in your blog and generate traffic for your blog or you can write blogs using these keywords.

  1. Insurance
  2. latest mobile phones
  3. Auto insurance
  4. Cheap car insurance
  5. Home insurance
  6. Ways to make money
  7. Best way to make money 
  8. Easy way to make money
  9. Career choices
  10. Career options
  11. Career quiz
  12. Serial killer
  13. How to commit suicide
  14. Rape
  15. Murder
  16. Murderer
  17. Murdered
  18. Narendra Modi biography
  19. Narendra Modi Wife

Google AdSense High Paying Keywords:

1: Insurance (The most Google AdSense High Paying keywords, you may get 50 $ per click but it is not guaranteed)
2: Loans
3: Cord Blood
4: Attomey
5: Credit
6: Lawyer or Law
7: Donate
8: Degree
9: Hosting
10: Claim
11: Conference Call
13: Software
14: Recovery
15: Transfer
16: Gas/ Electricity
17: Classes
18: Rehab
19: Treatment
20: Mortgage
21: Donating a Car in Maryland
22: Donate Old cars
23: Email Service
24: Business VoIP Solutions
25: Data Recovery
26: Car Insurance
27: Real state
28: Laptop
29: Met Auto
30: Car insurance for ladies

SEO Warning For Users :

Don't use these keywords words alone. Use it in paragraph and mention these words in heading  or subheading. Enjoy Most Search Keywords and i will update this list as soon as possible. Keep visiting AllTechBuzz  


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